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What We Do

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What we do:

Our business model is structured around two main offerings, i.e training and Consulting Services:

Our Training business runs an academy focused on developing and delivering global best in class technical course relevant in today’s business environment. Skills2go as a training foundation is set out to help address the key challenges with talent management, skills gap and unemployment, especially those whose chosen career path is in business finance, project management, investment and corporate finance.  In today’s competitive business world, you need a unique advantage to standout from competition, we provide such skill-based trainings to enable you improve your chances of employability and success on the job. We provide these building blocks through:


  • Graduate Training (The Stepping-stone Programme)
    • Fundamentals of finance
    • Business writing and reporting
    • Business modelling and valuation
    • Writing business plans and conducting feasibility study
    • Financial modeling
    • The Art and Act of Entrepreneurship


  • The Accelerator Programme (TAP)
    • Finance and financial management
    • Fundamentals of Finance
    • Understanding IFRS
    • Understanding & Conducting Financial Due Diligence
    • Project Finance
    • Business Valuation
    • Financial Modelling
    • Project Finance in Oil & Gas
    • Project Finance & Transaction Structuring
    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Digital business
    • Project management
    • Project Management Professional (PMP)
    • Oil & Gas Project Management
    • Fundamentals of Oil & Gas
    • Creative thinking


  • SME Factory
    • The modular start-up
    • SME success toolkit
    • Developing a winning strategy
    • Business ethics and corporate governance
    • Decision analysis
    • Digital business
    • Business management essentials
    • De-risking the “high risk” in SME business.
    • Mobilizing funding for your business

Our consulting business provides services and support on a need basis. We pride in our rich and vast industry experience and network to deliver bespoke solutions to your need. Our consulting services focuses on client’s need around:


    • Business Consulting
      • Project management support
      • Business and financial consultancy.
      • Process improvement
      • Change management
      • Business intelligence services
      • Enterprise Risk Management


  • SME advisory
    • Handholding and support for Entrepreneurs & Start-ups to grow better
    • Preparation of Business Plans, Project Reports, Financials and Proposals
    • Financial Advisory (Accounting & Tax)
    • Market Studies and reports
    • Allocating and optimizing finance and investment for business growth
    • Preparation of Financial Management Strategy

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